The WHO framework for the meaningful engagement of people living with NCDs, mental health, and neurological conditions

Last month, the World Health Organization (WHO) has released a new framework for the meaningful engagement of people living with noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), mental health, and neurological conditions.

The WHO framework for meaningful engagement aims to use a rights-based approach to address health inequities and achieve health for all. The framework outlines the vision and pathway to involving individuals with lived experience in co-creating relevant policies, programmes and services, i.e. what matters to them, and sees meaningful engagement as a way to improve health outcomes.

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Limitations of Patient Reported Outcomes: Who Tells the Truth?

Important post highlighting the challenge to extract objective and clinically reliable information from Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) and experience measures (PREMs) 

As members of the PROMS Initiative we acknowledge the challenge.

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Patient reported outcome assessment must be inclusive and equitable

To understand how Patient Reported Outcomes should be more focused on equity and inclusivity, check out the recent paper from our previous key-note speaker (Dr. Samantha Cruz Rivera) and her team at the Centre for Patient Reported Outcomes Research (CPROR) of the University of Birmingham.

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38th Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis

26-28 October 2022

Is the experience of patients with MS used to influence health policies and decision made in health system?

ECTRIMS is the world’s largest professional organisation dedicated to the understanding & treatment of #MS.

The #PROMSinitiative is thrilled to announce that it will be featured in the 2022 edition of its annual international conference devoted to basic and clinical research & care for people #LivingwithMS […]