An initiative jointly led and coordinated by the European Charcot Foundation and the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation, with the Italian MS Society acting as the lead agency for and behalf of the Global MSIF Movement

MS international federation LOGO

MS International Federation

The MS International Federation is a unique global network of MS organisations, people affected by MS, volunteers and staff from around the world. Their movement is made up of 47 MS organisations with links to many others.

Their vision is dedicate to achieving a world without MS

European Charcot Foundation LOGO

European Charcot Foundation

The European Charcot Foundation is an independent non-profit organization for advancing Multiple Sclerosis research, governed by a co-opted Board of recognized active MS researchers.

The European Charcot Foundation’s collaborative base consists of 500 MS research institutes and 1500 MS researchers.

Italian MS Society LOGO

Italian MS Society

The Italian Multiple Sclerosis Society (AISM) is the only organization in Italy that addresses every aspect of multiple sclerosis (MS), through advocating for the rights of people with MS and providing services and through orienting, promoting, and financing scientific research.

AISM was founded in 1968.